Merchant Cash Management Forum | 16th September 2019

The Cash Journey of Tomorrow: Driving Value and Innovation at Every Turn

At MCMF 2019, we will look at the journey of cash from acceptance at the cash register, to value in the bank – with all steps in between including deposit preparation and collection, reconciliation, and change orders. By looking at each step in the cash journey merchants will be empowered to identify areas for cost reduction, optimize processes, and assess industry innovations to automate processes and increase efficiency.

11:00 - 12:35


11:30 - 12:30

Let’s Be Frank: A Merchant-Only Discussion on Cash

Workshop Details:

An open discussion led by CMSPI on the decline of cash, the cash cycle, supplier relationships and the cash industry as a whole. We will also discuss individuals' experiences, best practice, cash trends and the latest innovations.

12:30 - 12:45

Break & Supplier Arrival

12:45 - 13:25

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? Merchants Going Cashless

Session Details:

An increasing number of merchants are asking the ultimate question in payments – do I continue to accept cash? There are several contributing factors in answering this question – how will this affect the customer experience? Will we lose incremental sales? Is this legal in my state? Do I fully understand my cost of accepting cash and cards to quantify the increase in card volume? What lessons can be learnt from Merchants Europe?

13:25 - 14:10


14:10 - 14:25

Interactive Polling Session


Session Details:

In preparation for the afternoon session on merchant change deliveries and collections, we’re dedicating time to hear directly from the audience with an interactive polling session using Slido.

14:25 - 15:25

The Big Four - The Cash Management Mix and How Top-performing Merchants Operate

Session Details:

Part One: Walk to bank, armored transport, non-armored solutions or cash office technology. CMSPI assesses the big four options within the cash management mix, investigating the pros and cons of each and which is most suitable for different outlet types. Further, we discuss optimising cash-on-site, best practice in preparing deposits, avoiding supplier penalties and tracking every dollar in your supply chain.

Part Two: CMSPI will be joined by a panel of cash industry experts to discuss the critical success factors when implementing any new solution or switching suppliers. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered by the experts!

15:25 - 15:55

Afternoon Break

15:55 - 16:35

When Two Become One: The Impact of Consolidation

Session Details:

An in-depth analysis of recent M&A activity within the cash industry. CMSPI's economics team will discuss the effects of consolidation on merchants and how you can avoid losing out when one of your suppliers is involved in a takeover. We will get the latest from banks and armored transport carriers on recent M&A within the cash industry, including time frames, operations during the transition period and outlook on the future.


16:35 - 17:15

One Way or Another? The Science Behind Optimizing Your Collections and Change Deliveries


Session Details:

Change deliveries are another time-consuming element of the cash management process with many considerations for merchants – central ordering or store level, ordering all denominations or restricted allowance, how often to place orders and when to schedule deliveries, lead times etc. The science behind optimizing your change orders will be demonstrated by CMS Analytics and CMSPI, along with an explanation of how your peers tackle these contributing factors.

17:30 - 20:00

Networking Drinks & Canapés