The Second Annual Merchant Cash Management Forum - Our Mission


After the success of our first annual Merchant Cash Management Forum (MCMF) we’re thrilled to open registration and announce the date and location of our 2019 forum! We received such incredible feedback from the merchant community after our last event, so we’re excited to make sure this year’s forum is even bigger and better!

As the merchant community is all too aware, cash arrangements have always been hugely difficult to manage, and the changing cash landscape in the U.S. only adds to this complexity. The MCMF 2019 is an important opportunity to promote discussions in the industry regarding best practices, cost reductions and innovation, as well as offer practical advice from a range of cash industry experts. The MCMF will be a chance for merchants to speak with multiple suppliers in an open forum to drive improvement in the cash industry and have their voices heard.

As merchant champions operating in the industry for over 27 years, we are uniquely placed to host this event. We always work with the best interests of the merchant community in mind.

The cash industry is changing rapidly. Mergers and acquisitions are common place, new and evolving product offerings are plentiful, and fixed costs are rising at the same time that volumes decrease. These complexities make it difficult to view your cash arrangements as anything other than a burden, but merchants who get their processes right can substantially impact their bottom line and improve operations.

Join CMSPI, industry experts and supply chain stakeholders as we discuss innovation, the true cost of cash, reducing costs, and the future of the cash industry.

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Elley Frost
CMSPI, President




Innovation: how the supply chain is changing, and what merchants need to know


Optimizing and reducing costs in all four pillars of the cash supply chain

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Management reporting and drawing the insights you need from your supply chain


Measuring the true cost of cash: an exclusive insight into CMSPI’s industry study


Improving internal processes and calculating the business case for new technology

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Cash profile nuances and considerations - understanding what works for your business